Fleet tracking

Owners with small, medium and large fleets of fixed and mobile assets need an intuitive way to track their asset's current location, status, performance & productivity metrics to conduct their day to day operations. Routinely, in a reasonable number of cases your business operations would also want to remotely control your assets to a certain degree - for example, switching off or immobilizing your asset. Learn how Intellicar's Fleet Tracking solution suite with its user friendly web dashboards and fluid Mobile Apps provide a natural & intuitive experience to gather the information you want and collect the metrics you must measure to take informed decisions from the comfort of your desk.

Birds-eye view

With Intellicar's control center application TRACK, you will have a full view of the current status of your fleet. This enables the fleet manager to quickly get a sense of the current spread of the fleet and also allows him to slice and dice the view based on different classifications. With the action toolbar on the left, the fleet manager can perform various functions with the views such downloading a report to give details of vehicles that are currently not connected to the network, vehicles that have been immobilized or crossed a particular geofence or a state border or real-time vehicle utilization report or vehicles parked in a particular hub and many other disparate use cases.

Historical view

Historical view helps your operations and support teams to go back and analyze the events that have transpired between a given interval of time for a given vehicle or asset. For example, your operational executive might want to verify how the vehicle was used or abused during this time or did the vehicle behave in any abnormal manner as reported by the customer. It enables your customer support and billing executives to resolve customer issues or disputes by providing necessary information. The information in this view also helps your business to validate and verify customer claims, complaints and narrative.

Report view

Report view provides a traditional way of looking at data in the form of tables and ledger entries. Traditional business who are comfortable with this type of data representation can use this view to download the required reports and submit to their management. You can also perform for your monthly billing & accounting aggregates based on this data. All the information exposed in the web dashboards is also available and accessible via Intellicar TRACK mobile App as well.