Fuel Monitoring

Fuel accounts for 30% to 40% of the total operating expenses for most businesses in the transportation industry. Fuel expenses swing wildly depending on the condition of the vehicle, load, terrain, driving behaviour and most importantly theft in most parts of the developing world. Intellicar's advanced fuel monitoring solutions are able to achieve 95% to 99% accuracy for usecases ranging from construction equipment operations to regular passenger and goods transportation vehicles. Find out how Intellicar's fuel monitoring solutions enable your business to capture refuel & pilferage events and measure fuel consumption accurately to keep a hawk eye on your operating expenses.

Fuel consumption computation

This is an example of how Intellicar's data visualization tool helps you visualize fuel consumption patterns in a given vehicle. In the background, Intellicar Data Analytics engine analyzes fuel level inputs by taking various context dependent parameters and other associated variables and derives fuel consumption metrics using complex statistical modeling and Machine Learning algorithms.

Refuel & Pilferage detection

In the above scenario, a refuel of 13.5 ltr is detected. This refuel detection is the intended output after carefully examining the fuel level input over time and then considering various conditions like sloshing of fuel inside the tank, shape of the fuel tank, gradient or inclined parking, loss of data and many other factors affecting the accuracy of desired output. After handling all these random scheme of situations, Intellicar is able to deliver industry leading accuracy and reliability in Refuel & Pilferage detection solutions.