Driving Analysis

Driver and Passenger safety is of paramount importance to all businesses that own large fleet of vehicles and employ drivers either directly or indirectly. Safety is a critical metric measured for business engaged in Taxi services, Self Drive car rental, Employee transport, Hospitality services, Transport for Educational institutions like schools & colleges and traditional public transportation systems. Learn how Intellicar's Driving Analysis platform TITAN allows you to track driving patterns of your drivers and provides safety recommendations to your drivers to improve their Driving & Safety score.

Intellicar Driver Performance Application, TITAN, connects your entire fleet ecosystem which your vehicles, driver partners and fleet managers through Telematics and empowers the supervisors and safety managers to analyse driving behaviours which can potentially lead to accidents and wasteful uneconomic driving. TITAN helps your businesses to connect, monitor, analyze and optimize your driver performance and fleet operations to ensure safety, improve efficiencies, increase productivity and reduce costs to refine your top and bottom line.

Driver wise statistics

A Driver profile is created based on the events generated by his driving pattern and the criticality of those events. Some of the events that are tracked are Braking, Acceleration, Sharp Turns, Over speeding, Aggressive run over speed bump and Excessive Idling. Criticality of an event depends on the speed of the vehicle, g-forces experienced, the frequency of the events and many other variables which influence the safety of the trip. The tool enables safety managers to go back and look at various aspects of the driver's behaviour and see how he or she has progressed over time. The Driver profile dashboard also allows the safety manager to quickly analyze and identify driver's top mistakes, hotspots, areas of improvement and any other recurring unwarranted driving patterns.

Personalized Mobile App for Drivers

By tracking all the aspects of driving, TITAN builds critical insights and provides recommendations to the driver to improve upon his current state of skills and guide him towards productive and safe driving habits. Drivers can quickly track their top mistakes, score trends, rank and their productivity metrics to refine and enhance their skills to achieve a better score. The scoring mechanism and the feedback loop of appropriate recommendations for the driver is gamified in such a way that it promotes healthy driving habits. With this tool in hand the driver can checkout his historical performance and get a feel of how he has faired over time.

Category wise statistics

Drivers are grouped into three categories (levels) Top, Bottom and Average as per their Driving Score which is based on the drivers safety profile, efficiency and productivity. Depending on how many drivers are their in a given pool, the safety manager can quickly get an understanding on the current state of affairs and propose improvement plans. For example, if most of the drivers are in the Top and Average category, your fleet is doing reasonably well and otherwise not so good. You can swiftly analyze score trends, identify top events, pinpoint hotspots and do a comparitive analysis between categories and take necessary corrective actions. TITAN also has a Driver Engagement tool that helps you to log your interactions with the driver and execute appropriate training strategies to better his driving skills.

Standard Reports & Notifications

TITAN provides various downloadable reports which allow the management team to device incentive programs for top performers. Reports help in analyzing total events generated, trip scores, daily performance, events per driving time, events per driving distance and many other important metrics that stipulate expected driver behaviour. Standard reports also help your business to get aggregated stats across the fleet and across the categories to give you a birds-eye view of the happenings on the ground. With these tools in your hand you can operationalize your business in a manner devoid of any inefficiencies.