EV Telematics

Intellicar provides EV Telematics solutions that allow your business to keep an eye on your EV ecosystem and there by help your business to improve fleet utilization, optimize charging, reduce battery breakdowns, enhance battery life, troubleshoot your EV modules remotely and track your EV ecosystem partner and operator performance. If your business is engaged in providing delivery services via Electric Vehicles (EVs) or leases EVs and EV batteries to other companies or is in manufacturing of EVs and EV batteries or is engaged in assembling of EVs from conversion and CKD kits or leases batteries to EV OEMs or is into Self Drive electric car or bike rental business - Intellicar has all the solutions to cater to your Telematics needs.

Realtime EV Digital-Twin

Intellicar leverages its industry leading visualization capabilities to showcase critical information in real-time from all the components of your EV. This allows you to take preventive actions and protect your critical assets like batteries and electronics from abnormal conditions. For example, you can track temperature profile of various modules in your EV and take the vehicle off the grid for inspection incase of deviant circumstances. Also, you can quickly get the status of your fleet readiness and enables your ground teams to kickoff essential course of actions to conduct smooth operations the following day.

Mobile App Real-time EV Digital Twin

Our Mobile friendly Apps give substantial capacity to your on ground teams to perform standard operating procedures to keep your fleet in a tidy state. These realtime visual cues help your technicians debug issues and see the results quickly in an intuitive manner thereby reducing your maintenance time. This kind of power on the go helps your business to increase the utilization levels of your assets and as a consequence results in high ROI compared to your competition.

Fluid End User Experience

This kind of information at your finger tips allows you to build fluid dashboards with rich insights to your end users giving them a niche experience. In this age of technology obsessive world, this level of information exchange with your customers enhances your brand perception. This gives your business an opportunity to gamify your service captivating your customers and in doing so builds a loyal customer base.