Keyless Access

Self Drive car rental and Dockless scooter sharing is on the rise in India. As we speak, it is experiencing exponential growth in terms of end user acceptance and usage. For Self Drive car rental business, the opportunity of service excellence by enabling your customer to pick up the car from any unmanned parking yard in one city and dropping it off in an unmanned yard in another city is endless. For dockless scooter sharing businesses, the advantages of having the flexibility to pick up and drop a vehicle anywhere in the city opens up a new dimension in enabling urban and last mile transporation. Check out how Intellicar's Bluetooth based access control solutions enables your business to provide such a service to your customers.

Keyless Access Control for Dockless Scooters Rental

In a scooter sharing business, scooters are made available to the users for either short-term or long-term rentals. The majority of the bookings for the two-wheeler shared mobility businesses is primarily for short-term rentals. To enable this model, a customer should be able to use the service in a ubiquitous and convenient manner. To enable such mobility, the scooter needs to be equiped with a system that can allow a user to easily lock and unlock the vehicle. Intellicar has designed a secure, low power, specialized Keyless Access Control system which can be conveniently hooked onto the scooters. This system provides all the critical information of the scooter for example location, speed, fuel level, battery level (in EVs) that the business needs enable a shared mobility service. The user books the vehicle via a mobile App, after which secure access control tokens are pushed to the app which allows the user's application to lock, unlock and use the vehicle.

Keyless Access Control for Self Drive Car Rental

Intellicar's Keyless Access Control solution is a perfect match for the Self Drive Car Rental business. For this use case, your business can use the solution for round the clock manless yards within and across cities. You can realize a fully functional self-service vehicle pickup and drop system by using Intellicar's keyless solution offering. Intellicar's Software Development Kit and Secure APIs facilitate the IT systems of your business to seamlessly integrate and realize the business model which enables you to control which user has access control tokens, how long the user has access to these tokens, what actions the user can perform, how many times he can perform a particular action etc. With these configurable actions, your business can define different user profiles for a variety use cases to run your operations - for example: you can have customer profile, an operations executive profile who is siting in remote office, a yard support executive profile, a customer support executive and a master profile with full access. This way you can configure your entire system to match the service offering to scale and grow your business.